SEO for E-shop is a tool that helps me with online interventions, either in the code of the site itself, or through advertising to help online stores achieve growth. The primary goal is primarily to increase online visibility and availability, which leads to increased traffic and sales. In the following steps, I'll take a look at the techniques used to self-optimize a site. 

Keyword analysis and the correct structure of the site

Detailed keyword analysis is essential at the beginning of optimization. Focus not only on the busy ones, but also on long tail seo, thanks to which you will reach a wider audience.

You can adjust the structure of the site based on your keywords. The one that you "get" from the creators of the website is usually absolutely unsatisfactory for the needs of the e-shop. When creating a structure, it's important to have a specific landing page for each keyword or group of words.

In e-shops, product lists are mainly used for this purpose. Let's say you sell cosmetics. In this case, one subpage will be dedicated, for example, to products from one manufacturer, the other to all night creams, the third to cosmetics for women over 40, etc ..

The e-shop also needs content marketing

Remember that the content of the e-shop is not about the goods, but about the content of the pages. Many people who start an online business and have no idea about content creation cannot imagine how to create e-shop content.

The first and most effective form is a blog. Write, take photos, and shoot about things that interest people and relate to what you're selling. Reviews are especially suitable. People and search engines like them. Make sure your blog is not just about articles, but also about product videos and photos. Interesting content can also bring you a lot of backlinks for free. When you engage people, they will share what you publish.

The ability to "express yourself" will also help you create content. The ideal space is comments or discussions displayed directly below the products. According to many surveys, people choose goods mainly based on the opinion of others - ordinary people. In addition, you'll get additional subpages with relevant keywords.

SEO friendly URL

The URLs of individual subpages must be short, concise and understandable. If you decide to rewrite URLs in an existing e-shop, don't forget to redirect the old ones.

  • Invalid URL:
  • Incorrect URL:
  • SEO friendly URL:


Create the right image tags and captions

For e-shops, focus on the non-duplicate and concise title and meta description of each subpage. If you do not create original labels, search engines will generate them themselves, which is not positive for SEO.

You will need to create specific captions and captions yourself. However, follow the basic formulas that are most understandable to search engines.

Title - formula
Short and concise text with at least 1 KW + domain (together max. 64 characters)
Title - example
BIO night cream for mature skin -

Description - formula: 
Text that describes the product as accurately as possible and contains 1-2 KW (140 - 160 characters - longer text will not appear in the search engine)
Description - example
Did you fall in love with BIO cosmetics? Try our BIO night cream for women over the age of 40, also suitable for sensitive skin, now with a 20% discount. 

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More photos with a detailed description

Don't forget the alt captions of pictures - photos. Be consistent, assign at least 5 photos to one product and describe each one. Also stick to a fixed formula when creating labels.

Alt label - formula
Main KW + short text describing image + domain
Alt label - example
BIO night cream - night cream for women of advanced age -

Fast e-shops sell more

When loading an SEO e-shop, the speed of loading the pages is also important. You can find it using one of the free online tools for measuring page load speed (e.g. GTMetrix, Pingdom, Page Speed Insights, WebPagetest). If the page loads for more than 2 seconds, this is a significant minus for your SEO. The most common reason is photos with too high resolution, ie size. Therefore, the maximum size of a single photo should not exceed 100 KB.

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